Meet Our Teams


Practice Owners Team

Andrew Schwartz, C.P.A.

Founder, Managing Partner, Director of Practice Owners Department, Accountant

Kevin Miller, C.P.A.

Manager of Practice Owners Department, Accountant

Jacob Heath, E.A., M.S.T.

Accountant, Practice Owners Department

Yuling Liu, C.P.A.

Accountant, Practice Owners Department

Eddie Galvao

Accountant, Practice Owners Department

Pratik (Pat) Patel

Accountant, Practice Owners Department

Sharon Stevelman

Paraprofessional, Practice Owners Department

Healthcare Professionals Team

Richard Schwartz, C.P.A.

Partner, Director of Healthcare Professionals Department, Accountant

Amanda Mauriello, C.P.A.

Senior Accountant, Healthcare Professionals Department

Michael Bohigian, C.P.A.

Accountant, Healthcare Professionals Department

Liz Mogauro

Paraprofessional, Healthcare Professionals Department

Operations and Marketing Teams

Julianne Beauregard

Director of Marketing and Operations

Jill Conroy

Firm Bookkeeper

Deb McWade

Front Desk and Client Services Manager

April Moore

April Moore

Database Coordinator

Jen Luoma

Jen Luoma

Front Desk & Client Services Representative

Payroll Team

Greta Malstrom

Payroll Manager, Firm HR Manager

Libby Coveno

Payroll Administrator

Anne Baynes

Payroll Administrator

Kim Quattrocchi

Payroll Administrator